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I want a guy who will look straight into my eyes, and whisper to  me, “We’re in a relationship…and I know that scares you, but we’re in this together whether you like it or not, goddammit," and then kisses me

— 4 months ago
Dear Future Boyfriend,

I have a few things in mind that you should do if ever we finally got together. I’ve always dreamt of having someone do these to me. Can you hug me for an extra moment when I say goodbye, even if people are watching? I’d like that. To make me feel that somehow, you’re with me. Can you gather me in your arms and kiss the top of my head or pick me up and spin me around? I always see that on movies and have read that on books, and it never fails to amuse me how that makes us girls the happiest things in the world. Can you look at me deep in the eyes? So even for a moment, I could catch a glint of how much you really love me and you seeing how much I do too. You see, they say, the eyes are the mirror of your soul. And I believe that. Can you always tell me how much you love me? Even if you already sound like a broken record. I’d like to know everyday. 

Perhaps I’m gonna scare you with this, making you hesitant to come. Please don’t. You can have your demands, but definitely not way out of line. Perhaps I’m demanding a lot. But for once in my life, make me feel like I’m the center of yours.

 Love, me

— 4 months ago
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Vegging the whole vacation out

Hot summer days, with long hours to kill, but the fact that the heat is scorching outside is depressing because that prevents you from going out so you either spend your day in your room; surfing the net, reading, sleeping, or you just sit in front of the television with a bowl of anything to eat at hand just to let the whole day pass.

— 4 months ago
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Happy Mothers’ Day

Happy Mothers’ Day to every mother in the world; married or not. They’re simply the strongest people on earth. Carried us for nine months, spent half of their lives being in a grave when they gave birth to us, and the responsibility never stops until.. well, maybe never. Even if you had kids of your own, they’d still be there to guide you, maybe even until their last breath. So love your mothers. If you are a woman like me, remember to thank her. Because one day, we will be one as well. Biologically or to other people. You don’t need to give birth to be a mother, it’s in what you show to the people who need you to be one. But then of course, maternal roles are a woman’s fulfillment, I suppose. If you were a boy on the other hand, thank your mom as well. You wouldn’t be breathing and causing trouble right now if she haven’t decided to have you. One day, you’ll marry a woman as well and you’ll make a mother out of her too. But most of all, thank our mothers because they decided to let us live. This generation had enough abortion cases that we are lucky to still be living right now because our moms loved us and they decided that they wanted us in their lives. I know this might not sound true to other cases, but I know, even if you think you’re the loneliest person on earth, someone out there wants to stand as your mother. You might not know it, you might have refused have them act like one for you, but she’ll always care.

And boys, I hope it’s their mothers you are greeting and not your girlfriends. Respect your girl, she deserves it. And when you disrespect her, it’s like you disrespect the entire female race as well, a specie where your mother belongs. Of course, unless she’s showing like she does not actually deem worthy of it.

I’ve probably said enough. Happy Mothers’ Day!

— 4 months ago
The worst people to lose in your life are your siblings/sister.

It’s like a part of your world shuts down and even if it is not completely dark, it would feel like a part of you has lost meaning. It’s not the best feeling in the world, it is devastating. The siblings are supposed to be the best friend  you choose but some times, shit happens and you will be faced with trials that could either make you both stronger or break you. The worst part that could happen are the things you can’t agree with together. One instance is not liking the relationship your sister has. I know it’s wrong to impose, but often than most, you just want the best for them. But then they see it that you’re always meddling with their affairs, that in the end, they would be torn in choosing between you, the sister/family, and the boyfriend/husband to be. And then you’re left with no choice but to move on because in the end she will always choose him. Well there’s no shortcut to forgetting someone. You just have to endure missing them everyday until you don’t anymore.

Where did we go wrong?

— 4 months ago

Alam mo yung feeling na akala mo okay ka na pero hindi pa pala.

— 4 months ago
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 ” I think what I’ve come to now is, that fear is good; it’s what life is about. You need to be afraid because fear gives you the strength to carry on important tasks. ” 

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